Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Gross Family!!!

It has been a VERY busy fall here in Arizona......we have had non-stop celebrating since early November! We celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday, November 13th and that was just the beginning. In addition to all the Thanksgiving celebrations we had multiple Christmas and birthday celebrations! I think we are finally done "partying" for the year! I am including a few pictures starting in early November and finishing with last night's family Christmas party! We hope that everyone has a WONDERFUL 2012!!!!!

Fishing with Grandpa and Grandma


Cookie making with Grandma

Stan and Carol by the newly decorated tree

Baking banana bread with Grandma

Look at that birthday smile

One cake

and another cake

Jeff and Allison

Carter and Holly on Christmas morning...

Mike and Carter on Christmas morning...

Carter and his new police car

Carter on Christmas morning

Carter and Jeff at one of our holiday parties

Carter and Grandma

Carter and Grandpa


Mike and Holly

Jeff and Allison

Carter and his new Jayhawk shirt

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fishing in Sun Lakes

Yesterday was a beautiful morning to do some fishing in one of the many lakes of Sun Lakes...less than a mile from Dad and Mom's house. Lots of bass and catfish were caught, and Carter loved looking at each and every one of them. Allison and Mom were also there, but somehow managed to stay out of the pictures.

Videos from the morning:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Family San Diego Trip

Dad, Mom, Mike, Holly, Carter, Allison, and I all went to San Diego for an extended weekend from 9/9 (Friday) through 9/12 (Monday). While it's still quite warm here in the Phoenix area, it was nice to have temperatures right around 70 degrees on Coronado Island. We all stayed at the Navy Lodge right on the beach, so it was great to wake up to the ocean every day! Below are just a few pictures from the trip. Thanks to Dad and Mom for making it all possible! And since I only have a few pictures (and none with everyone), perhaps Mom can add a few from her camera here soon :)

Birch Aquarium

La Jolla at the Birch Aquarium

Navy Lodge beach on Coronado Island

San Diego from Coronado Island


Beach Video

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Great Grandpa's Birthday Party!!!

Here are some random pictures from Great Grandpa's (Dad, Grandpa. Lowell) 80th Birthday celebration that was held at the Galva Fire Department on Sunday, July 31st. His actual birthday was July 28th! We all enjoyed visiting with old friends and family. It was a busy day as the Galva Christian Church held a "Old Time Church" service and then the Alemore clan got to together at the Galva Senior Center for their annual Cousin's Club Lunch! We were all tired by the end of the day!

Tim and Aaron

Valerie (behind the table)

Shane, Carol and Diana

Kitchen workers.....

Visiting with friends.....

Lorene, Eldon and Stan

Jeff and Allison

Lynn and Shannon

Jamie and Stacey

Diana and Carol

Gathering around the picture table

More visiting

and more

Before the party

Grandma and Grandpa

all of us

the picture table

and the all important CAKE!!!